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Viliam Meško

(nar. 15.07.1940 v Terchovej)


It is difficult to assess whether more or folk musician, storyteller, artistic carver and a singer, dancer or actor. One thing is certain: it springs from a thorough knowledge of talent and heartfelt respect for his native Jánošíkova regions.

- Since early childhood is devoted to singing, dancing and playing musical instruments (bass, violin, harmonica, accordion, accordion, harmonica, whistle, fujara drumbľu and others)

- As a 13 - year becomes primáše Terchovská music and they still

- He was a member of several professional ensembles danced in SĽUK, was a member of the Ukrainian National Theatre in Prešov, music and dance ensemble opera SND

- He has appeared on radio and television and in film (especially in films with folk themes)

- About his artistic works have been filmed three documentaries: Muse of it by the instruments, far from Terchova Veruže me Play

- He participated in many folkloric festivals both at home and abroad

- Its art work, which began to work on the permanent settlement in Bratislava was ranked among the significant representatives of folk art in Slovakia

- He participated in many collective and almost 70-ers solo exhibitions at home and abroad (Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia, Austria, France, Greece, Tunisia, Canada, USA) where he won several awards

- His monumental 2-3 meter statue stands not only in Eastern, Terchovej, Nitra and Bratislava, but also in Mathe (France), Athens and at the top of Nanga Parbat in the Himalayas

- Many of his works can be found in the Slovak museums, galleries and private collections at home and abroad

- In her studio at the visitors Rovinka has prepared its own exhibition of their works